Thursday, June 30, 2011

Living the Dream..when two loves collide

Greetings loves! It has certainly been a long time since my last post!  I apologize sincerely, BUT I have wonderful news!  I have since successfully released the first issue of Ikons Magazine, as their new BEAUTY EDITOR!  Those of you that know me, are aware of my love of writing!  One of my many dreams, was to become a beauty editor for a publication.  I am here to let you all know that dreams come through as long as you keep a positive mind and work hard towards whatever that dream may be! 

Ikons Magazine is a quarterly publication, based out of New York City and is a women's magazine.  Our core audience is the lesbian, bisexual, queer and transgendered community, but there is something in the magazine for every woman!  We focus on the latest in politics, fashion, lifestyle, beauty and much more.  Be sure to check us out at and "LIKE" us on Facebook!/ikonsmagazine08

I remember the day I got my personal copy of Ikons Magazine in the mail.  I quickly opened up the Beauty Section and it was an intense and moving experience to see my name there in print.  True, I am a published writer and had been the managing editor of another national publication, but this moment felt different.  I am in a new city, with new dreams and goals, new networks and to see the result of my two loves, the beauty industry and writing in one project as overwhelming.  No that was not a tear.  I had something in my eye! (Smile) I was flooded with the feeling that things were indeed coming personal "Ah-Ha" moment.

We are currently working on the next issue and will go to print soon!  I hope that you all get a chance to check out my Beauty Section and support the Ikons family overall.  We work extremely hard to bring you a great magazine and website! 

Thank you all for your continued support, encouragement and words of wisdom!  It truly means the world to me!

Be sure to connect with me through my artistry and my journey as a Beauty Editor.  Peace and Love

Krystal Danielle

Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams!!!