Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cheers to the Beginning! My first Blog Post!

Good afternoon, people! Welcome to the first entry of my new blog. SUPER EXCITED! I’d like to introduce myself, to those that may not know me very well. My name is Krystal Hardy, a professional makeup artist and founder of Age of Aquarius Artistry. I started Age of Aquarius Artistry last year, to “brand” myself and my artistry. I am experienced in makeup for photo shoots, TV/film and fashion show. I body paint and do some ‘light’ hair styling. I am not represented by an agency (yet), but it is something I am aiming for. Ultimately, I would like for Age of Aquarius Artistry to become a network for makeup artists to gain more work and experience. Age of Aquarius Artistry is my baby, a project that got its name from my astrological sign, the Aquarius. Aquarius personality traits are very much artistic, that of a humanitarian, rebellious and non-conformist---ME, in a nutshell and very much my ideology of makeup as art. a little more about myself: I am a native Milwaukeean (please hold the cheese and beer jokes) and current Miamian, since February of 2010. I relocated to Miami to further pursue my dreams as a makeup artist. Miami , which I’d visited often, was a beautiful city and seemed to be full of opportunity, so I packed up and moved. I’d never really been away from Milwaukee , except to study abroad in Mexico for college, so this is probably the bravest and scariest thing I’ve ever done. You know what? I love it and have no regrets! In my short time here in Miami , I’ve met and worked with some amazing models, stylists, recording artists and photographers. It was a chance meeting with staff writer Joanie Cox of Miami ’s weekly paper, City Link that got the wheels turning to create this blog. I had been entertaining the idea for quite awhile, but Joanie was right! Now is the time! So here I am!

I want this blog to become a portal into my life as a makeup artist and in turn, I hope I can offer great insight to aspiring makeup artists. I will also be interviewing other talented and creative industry professionals in hopes of giving tips and advice to anyone looking to break into the fashion/entertainment industries. Take the journey with me through as I blog about photo shoots, planning fashion shows, working with models/photographers, sharing makeup tips and much, much more. I’m here to share the good, bad, ugly, uplifting and depressing. No worries. It is never to be discouraging. Wisdom comes from falling on your butt!

This blog also serves as my other love and creative outlet, writing! As some of you know, I am a published journalist and aspiring beauty writer. This blog is ‘next’ level for me, as you will see me open up in a way that you’ve never seen before. LOL In any case, I hope that you will be entertained and informed, but more than anything, I hope that you will become inspired!

Peace and Love