Monday, February 16, 2015

Fun and Easy Beauty DIYs

Today, I had a fun filled day playing in makeup and getting creative with fashion.  I was on my lunch break, killing some time at a local Dollar Tree store, while getting my phone serviced in the area.  Now, hanging out in Dollar Tree with no plan of action or a list of some sort, is pretty darn dangerous. Well, at least for me.  Expecting to spend maybe five dollars on random goods actually turned into a $30 haul.  One of these haul items included a pair of sunglasses with a black, plastic frame.  I'd recently lost a pair of my favorite personality glasses, so I decided to purchase an inexpensive pair of sunglasses to play around with.
After purchasing the glasses, I carefully popped out the lenses and immediately put on my new find!  By the end of the day, I had received several compliments from passersby.  Guess I'll be stopping back at Dollar Tree to get a few more glasses with different frames.  I may even try painting some frames as an art project with my daughter, so stay tuned!
In addition to my fashion accessory experiment, I also decided to play around in makeup. I'm a makeup artist and that's what we do! I encourage my clients and my staff to think outside of the beauty box to create fun textures and colors! After all, that is how many beauty brands created your fave colors!  Using all MAC products, I created a floral-inspired fuchsia lip to compliment my new glasses.  Here is what you need:
1. A petri dish (or whatever container you can find to mix products)
2. Fashion Boost Prolongwear Lip Pencil
3. Clear lip glass (tube)
4. Pressed Pigment in Amethyst
5. Disposable mascara wand or Q-Tip
6. Lip brush
First, take your disposable mascara wand to gently scrape the pressed pigment into the petri dish.
Next, squeeze a bit of the clear lip glass onto the petri dish next to the loose pigment.
Now, mix the two together in the dish.
Line and fill your lips with the Fashion Boost lip pencil, essentially wearing it as though it would be the lipstick.
Finally, use your lip brush to paint the mixture in the center of the lips. You won't need to paint over the entire lip. The gloss mixture will warm a bit and spread naturally. 

With the use of a prolongwear lip pencil and the lip glass mixture, you've created a beautiful and unique long wearing lip!  Feel free to try the technique with different pigments, pressed and loose and remember to HAVE FUN! Makeup is about options and creativity! Exercise your inner artistry!